Happy Monday! Today I have a review of The Travelling Cat Chronicles, publishing via Berkley on October 23, 2018. Thanks to Berkley for the invitation to the blog tour, and it was a pleasure to read this book with some book friends.

My Thoughts:

If you are an animal lover, read this book. Especially if you are a cat lover, don’t miss it! If you enjoy a sentimental, loving, perfectly told story, I implore you to read The Travelling Cat Chronicles!

From the beginning, when I read Nana’s voice, I knew the author, Hiro Arikawa, has been loved by a cat. We’ve all read the story about “man’s best friend,” the dog, but what about the love of a cat? 

Nana is a stray cat living in a parking garage who slowly becomes affiliated with the owner of a van he sleeps on. The owner, Satoru, begins feeding him, and when Nana is hit by a car, he needs help.  Satoru rescues him, and Nana becomes his cat. They live together happily for several years. 

Much later, Satoru takes Nana on a road trip to see several of his childhood friends, and all the while Nana is wondering what is happening because it appears Satoru is searching for a new home for him. 

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is storytelling perfection. Curl up with this book, and I promise you, you will devour it in one afternoon. It is heartfelt, poignant, endearing, and everything you could want in a book. 

On a personal note, Nana loves his Satoru the way I believe my cat loves me, and to feel that devotion through Nana’s voice is one of the most masterful things I’ve read in a work of fiction. 

Thank you to Berkley for the complimentary ARC and the blog tour invite. All opinions are my own. 


Sometimes you have to leave behind everything you know to find the place you truly belong…

Nana the cat is on a road trip. He is not sure where he’s going or why, but it means that he gets to sit in the front seat of a silver van with his beloved owner, Satoru. Side by side, they cruise around Japan through the changing seasons, visiting Satoru’s old friends. He meets Yoshimine, the brusque and unsentimental farmer for whom cats are just ratters; Sugi and Chikako, the warm-hearted couple who run a pet-friendly B&B; and Kosuke, the mournful husband whose cat-loving wife has just left him. There’s even a very special dog who forces Nana to reassess his disdain for the canine species.

But what is the purpose of this road trip? And why is everyone so interested in Nana? Nana does not know and Satoru won’t say. But when Nana finally works it out, his small heart will break…

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Have you read The Travelling Cat Chronicles, or is it on your TBR? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR

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