Shabby Sunday is a weekly meme created by my dear friend, Mischenko, at ReadRantRockandRoll to highlight cherished vintage books in her own collection. Please check out her most recent Shabby Sunday here: Shabby Sunday.

I moved frequently, especially during childhood and young adulthood, and it was only recently that I found a stash of vintage books from my collection. I happy danced when I found this particular one and called my mom. It was that special of a find!

My first Shabby Sunday share is my most beloved children’s book, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.


I have always liked my books to be in pristine (i.e., appearing unread! 😆) condition, even when I was a child, so finding my beloved discolored and beaten up made me a little sad. I had to dress up the first picture with some sunny flowers!

My love for Charlotte’s Web began when my first grade teacher read this to us as a class. I can remember sitting on my carpet square each day completely enthralled by this story. The same school year, the movie was shown at our local theater, and our class went for a field trip. By the spring, when the book fair rolled around, I was given a choice of one book and one bookmark, and this copy was my choice. My mom read this book to me, and I read it myself over and over and over again. I never tired of the story, and I cried with the ending every time.


The pages are deeply yellow now from years of being in a cardboard box in various humid places. The web with “Some Pig” etched in is one of my favorite parts of the book, and the Garth Williams illustrations are still stunning.


I have since bought other copies of Charlotte’s Web because this one has been missing, but I cannot part with it. Even though I probably will not read from this particular copy again, the memories within those pages are just too sweet to let go.

Thanks for reading my Shabby Sunday post inspired by Mischenko! Do you hold on to shabby, vintage books? Do you have any favorites from your childhood? Happy Reading! Jennifer THR