Today I have a review of Sister of Mine, an upcoming domestic suspense release from Crooked Lane Books, publishing on August 7, 2018.

My Thoughts:

4 chilling stars to Sister of Mine! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

Sisters always have their share of secrets, but Penny and Hattie’s are dark and world-shattering. Their mother passed away in a tragic accident, and their father walked out on the family. Penny, as the oldest, was the caregiver for Hattie, the younger and more carefree sister; however, their relationship is complicated and dysfunctional.

When Penny’s husband becomes a tyrant and physically abusive, an accident involving a fire is orchestrated resulting in her husband’s death. Not long after, a detective is hot on the heels of solving the cases of a string of arsons, which may in turn unfurl all of Penny and Hattie’s deceit.

Sister of Mine is described as a domestic suspense, which is a great fit for this title. It is a quick, engaging read, well-written, and full of tension. The narration by Penny is uncomfortable and haunting. These two sisters with their back and forth feelings towards each other were enmeshed, and each needed the other to survive, to cover up all the secrets, and to keep up the charade.

Overall, I found Sister of Mine to be a stirring, original, and captivating story of two sisters using their symbiotic relationship to hide their sinister behavior.

Thank you to Sarah at Crooked Lane for the invitation to read Sister of Mine. All opinions are my own. Sister of Mine will be published on August 7, 2018.


A debut novel of domestic suspense in the vein of Liane Moriarty, Shari Lapena and Claire Douglas about two sisters bound together by a murder

Penny and Hattie have always only had each other—their father left long ago and their mother died in a sudden tragic accident. Penny has always watched out for Hattie, even when she felt usurped by her younger, more vivacious sibling. When Penny’s marriage turns sour and her once-charming husband becomes controlling and abusive, who does she turn to for help but Hattie? An unguarded cigarette, helped along by a few conveniently lit matches and some sleeping pills, creates a deadly fire that frees Penny from an unimaginable life, but not without a cost. The weight of their secret binds the two sisters together, for better or worse. When a new man enters their lives, the twists deepen and the secrets compound. Meanwhile, incidents of arson begin to break out locally and the detective who investigated the death of Penny’s husband develops renewed interest in the case, threatening to unravel all their secrets.

Have you read any great suspense books lately? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR