Shabby Sunday is a weekly meme created by my dear friend, Mischenko, at ReadRantRockandRoll to highlight cherished vintage books in her own collection. Please check out a recent Shabby Sunday post of hers here: Shabby Sunday.

I moved frequently, especially during childhood and college/grad school, and it was only recently that I found a stash of my well-loved books.

My next Shabby Sunday share is one of my very first books, and oh my, is this one shabby! First published in 1976, I obtained it several years after that. 😉 My mom noted inside the lovely people who gifted this, two of our close neighbors.



I was shocked to see that the cost of this book was a mere ninety-five cents! I had a picture taken when I was two holding another kitten book, but so far, no luck finding it. I asked my mom why I had several cat books and only a couple about dogs (future Shabby Sunday post!) because we had more dogs than cats in our family, and she said it was because she prefers cats!


We actually had a Siamese cat named Prissy, and I remember this picture (left) looking like her.


My mom wrote on the inside flap my name and the date, and I was about 1.5 years old. It is a treasure of a book and well-worn from the love. I must have carried it everywhere. To this day, I still love cats and all animals, really.

Thanks for reading my Shabby Sunday post inspired by Mischenko! Do you hold on to shabby, vintage books? Do you have any favorites from your childhood? Happy Reading! Jennifer THR