Shabby Sunday is a weekly meme created by my dear friend, Mischenko, at ReadRantRockandRoll to highlight cherished vintage books in her own collection. Please check out a recent Shabby Sunday post of hers here: Shabby Sunday.

I moved frequently, especially during childhood and college/grad school, and it was only recently that I found a stash of my well-loved books.

My next Shabby Sunday share is one of my first books, I Can Do It Myself, copyright 1980, Sesame Street/Golden Press Books. It actually doesn’t look too shabby. The funny thing about this book is that my mom and dad always said that a frequent early phrase of mine was, “I do it myself” because I was (am) fiercely independent. Mom and Dad never told me that it may have been because of this book! I took one look as an adult and put it together. I must have had a bunch of practice saying “I can do it myself” while reading this book with my Sesame Street friends.


I remember being gifted these adorable book plates with my name on them! My parents called us by our middle names, which I used until I was six. So, my plate for this book has my “old name” on it.


Everyone has a favorite Sesame Street character, and mine was Oscar. He was hilarious, and I always wanted him to be happier! I love this image of him watering a plant! It still cracks me up! 😂


I love finding little memories inside old books, and these are stamps. They are still in great shape. 20180813_170629.jpg

Like I said above, this book is in rather wonderful condition, especially for all the love it received. I think part of that has to do with it being a hardback. Did anyone have this book, or did you watch Sesame Street as a child? Did you have a favorite character?

Thanks for reading my Shabby Sunday post inspired by Mischenko! Do you hold on to shabby, vintage books? Do you have any favorites from your childhood? Happy Reading! Jennifer THR