Shabby Sunday is a weekly meme created by my dear friend, Mischenko, at ReadRantRockandRoll to highlight cherished vintage books in her own collection. Please check out a recent Shabby Sunday post of hers here: Shabby Sunday.

I moved frequently, especially during childhood and college/grad school, and it was only recently that I found a stash of my well-loved books.

My next Shabby Sunday share is one of my first books, Who Lives Here, copyright 1979, by Dandelion Press. My mom was a teacher before I was born, and I think this was a book she also used with her students. It looks well-worn, and I love seeing the price on the cover of $1.50! Since I loved animals then (and now!), this book was a favorite, featuring the homes of different animals.


I remember this picture on the left of the mole because my grandfather had moles in his yard that were the bane of his existence. He could be grouchy about his yard, and it actually could be dangerous at times to twist an ankle in a mole hole, especially when running wild as a child! I was fascinated by their burrowed homes and felt sorry for their appearance! I convinced myself they were cute, and then I felt sorry for their vision, which is known to be poor. Aww, moles! No one loves them. Where I live now, we also have voles, which are quite similar to moles, and now I need to look up the differences! 👀


I remember the below were two of my favorites because we had gerbils and hamsters, so mice didn’t frighten me, and my aunt and uncle had pigs on their farm, which I named and became attached to on my summer visits. (It’s also partially why I became a vegetarian as a child!).



This book brought back sweet memories, and I’m so grateful to have found it after all these years! Did you have a favorite book or books as a child that you can remember now?

Thanks for reading my Shabby Sunday post inspired by Mischenko! Do you hold on to shabby, vintage books? Do you have any favorites from your childhood? Happy Reading! Jennifer THR