Happy Wednesday, all! Today I have a review of Charles Belfoure’s upcoming release, The Fallen Architect, publishing on October 9, 2018 by Sourcebooks Landmark. I have been encouraged for years to read a Belfoure book, and I am ecstatic to say I finally have!

My Thoughts:

Charles Belfoure has many fans of his writing, and I now count myself among them. 

As one may guess with the title, Douglas Layton is an architect who has lost it all. In a music hall of his design located in London, a balcony collapses, and many people die. Douglas believes he is not at fault, and he must have been framed. Nonetheless, he is charged and spends five years in prison.

After his release, Douglas starts anew with a different name and career as a set painter. His job is not easy, nor quiet when he finds dead bodies hidden in the theatre where he is working. He knows that these bodies are tied to the balcony collapse, and he has to prove it. 

Belfoure’s writing is silky smooth, and his enthralling and well-researched mystery held my interest throughout. All I learned about architecture was fascinating along with the added fun of the London setting and theatre tidbits. 

Overall, terrific storytelling with a unique storyline, Belfoure’s newest book is a skillfully and cleverly executed satisfying tale of one’s search for vindication. 

Thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark for the ARC. All opinions are my own. 


In this riveting novel from The New York Times bestselling author of The Paris Architect, a man in disgrace finds that digging up the past is the only road he can take

Architect Douglas Layton has lost everything. The balcony of one of his beautiful music halls collapsed during a packed performance, killing dozens. Layton knows the flaw was not in his design; someone else must have caused the dreadful catastrophe. But with no proof and a hoard of furious Londoners screaming for blood, someone has to take the fall-and Layton finds himself facing a five-year prison sentence.

When he is finally freed, Layton is determined to start over. With a new name and identity, he takes a job as a set painter. But as Layton begins to discover dead bodies hidden within theatre halls across London, it soon becomes clear that something darker is chasing him. When he unearths a clue that ties the bodies to the disaster that ruined him, he knows that redemption is within his reach…unless the culprit gets to him first.

Have you read The Fallen Architect or any of Belfoure’s books? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR