TGIF, everyone! First Line Fridays is a fun way to share from books on your TBR.

Today my first line is from a book I am currently reading:



Cobh, Ireland. May 1938

They call it Heartbreak Pier, the place from where I will leave Ireland. It is a place that has seen too many goodbyes. From the upper balcony of the ticket office I watch the third-class passengers below, sobbing as they cling to their loved ones, exchanging tokens of remembrance and promises to write.

Favorite author alert! I almost missed reading an early copy of Hazel Gaynor’s newest release. Thank goodness I didn’t (thank you, Sara!)! I absolutely love lighthouses, and I love every word of Gaynor’s smooth and comforting writing. This book is off to a fabulous start, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it soon! In the interim, don’t miss out on her other books! My favorite is The Cottingley Secret!

Synopsis from Goodreads:

“They call me a heroine, but I am not deserving of such accolades. I am just an ordinary young woman who did her duty.”

1838: Northumberland, England. Longstone Lighthouse on the Farne Islands has been Grace Darling’s home for all of her twenty-two years. When she and her father rescue shipwreck survivors in a furious storm, Grace becomes celebrated throughout England, the subject of poems, ballads, and plays. But far more precious than her unsought fame is the friendship that develops between Grace and a visiting artist. Just as George Emmerson captures Grace with his brushes, she in turn captures his heart.

1938: Newport, Rhode Island. Nineteen-years-old and pregnant, Matilda Emmerson has been sent away from Ireland in disgrace. She is to stay with Harriet, a reclusive relative and assistant lighthouse keeper, until her baby is born. A discarded, half-finished portrait opens a window into Matilda’s family history. As a deadly hurricane approaches, two women, living a century apart, will be linked forever by their instinctive acts of courage and love.

Please share with me the first line(s) of the book you are currently reading! I would love to read it! Have you read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter, or do you plan to? Happy Friday reading! ~ Jennifer THR