20181122_155558.jpgHappy Monday!  Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the invitation to review Long Road to Mercy, the first in a brand new series by David Baldacci available now! So exciting! Please read all the way to the bottom for two chances to win a finished copy!

My Thoughts:

It’s a shiny new series from David Baldacci with a fierce female main character! 

Meet Atlee Pine. She’s a tall, muscular, no nonsense FBI special agent, and she’s assigned to the most remote areas of the west. 

What inspired her to join the FBI? Her twin sister was abducted by a serial killer, but not before assaulting Atlee, and her life mission has become putting offenders behind bars. Atlee is a top profiler with the agency, and she keeps to herself working on lone missions in her vast assigned territory.

Her current mission: investigating a missing person from the Grand Canyon. This is not the only person missing from the area, so one could could lead to another for Atlee as she profiles the crime. Startlingly, she is told not to investigate further by her superiors, but she does not not heed their orders. 

Atlee as a character is well-drawn. I have a sense of her as if she is a real person. I admired her morals and assertiveness. There’s also something soft and vulnerable about her balanced with a hard, strong exterior. She’s going to do what’s right regardless of what anyone else thinks. 

I found Long Road to Mercy to be gripping and intense. It stars strong and never lets go of the pull. The pacing is on point, and I was entertained from start to finish. I’m really excited for the next installment because I have to see what Atlee is up to. I think she has quite a story to share with us. 

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the complimentary copy. All opinions are my own. 


#1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci introduces a remarkable new character: Atlee Pine, an FBI special agent assigned to the remote wilds of the western United States. Ever since her twin sister was abducted by a notorious serial killer at age five, Atlee has spent her life hunting down those who hurt others. And she’s the best at it. She could be one of the Bureau’s top criminal profilers, if she didn’t prefer catching criminals in the vast wilderness of the West to climbing the career ladder in the D.C. office. Her chosen mission is a lonesome one–but that suits her just fine.

Now, Atlee is called in to investigate the mutilated carcass of a mule found in the Grand Canyon–and hopefully, solve the disappearance of its rider. But this isn’t the only recent disappearance. In fact, it may be just the first clue, the key to unraveling a rash of other similar missing persons cases in the canyon. . .

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