Happy Wednesday! Today I have a review of the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series! I had a special opportunity to read these special books thanks to my good friend, Laurie, at Cozy Nook Books! Make sure to check out her reviews HERE! Thank you also to the talented authors for sending me the books!

My Thoughts on the Series:

Laurie describes these books as relaxing, and when she told me that, it was just the right time. I needed books that were soothing, and the Blackwell Brothers series was just the ticket. Be prepared for lots of positive adjectives to describe these easy reads because “Heartwarming” is exactly what these books are.

First, I have to comment on the continuity of the series. The authors write these stories seamlessly and in much the same style, so it feels as if one person wrote these titles- and that’s an amazing feat for five authors. While each book explores different characters, there’s still a connection and sense that you are always within the same Blackwell family.

Also, while there is a continuity, I could easily see these books reading as standalones because of the focus of each novel on one brother. Just enough backstory is given to keep you up-to-date.

And on to the characters. So much goodness here. So many people to grow to care about. Genuine, honest, lovable characters.

The emotions I felt I mentioned already above, but I also want to touch on the humor. Each author injected humor at just the right times in these books, and it only added to the warmth of the storytelling. Even though these were overall cozy and happy stories, there were still moments of sadness written with heart.

Overall, these books are all Laurie promised them to be. They are charming, warm, kind, filled with goodness, relaxing, easy-to-read, reliable, and relatable. I will definitely check out more books from each of these authors and within Harlequin’s Heartwarming line-up.

Thanks again to Laurie and Carol Ross, Cari Lynn Webb, Melinda Curtis, Amy Vastine, Anna J. Stewart, and Harlequin Heartwarming.


#1 The Rancher’s Twins:

She’s not the country nanny he advertised for

But she could be perfect for him…

Jon Blackwell needs a woman ready to tackle the duties of a cattle ranch and two lively, take-no-prisoners twin girls. But ever since Lydia Newbury showed up at his six-generation Montana spread, the frazzled single father is rethinking, well, everything. The Philadelphia dazzler is a marvel. What he doesn’t know is the secret that has Lydia on the run…

#2 The Rancher’s Rescue:

He isn’t home to stay

Until a mother-to-be changes his mind

Ethan Blackwell is back in Falcon Creek to save his family ranch after his grandfather disappears. When Grace Gardner reveals she’s pregnant with his child, she becomes Ethan’s top priority. But can he be the man he wants to be—preserving the Blackwell legacy and making a life with Grace—in a place he never planned to settle down?

#3 The Rancher’s Redemption:

His family committed a terrible wrong

Ben Blackwell wants to make it right

The last time Ben saw Rachel Thompson was when her best friend left him at the altar. Now Rachel’s suing the Blackwells over river water rights. Rachel’s a triple threat—rancher, fellow attorney and single mom—and Ben’s plan to win in court hits a snag when mutual attraction blooms. If he divulges a long-held secret, will his family forgive him? Will Rachel?

#4 The Rancher’s Fake Fiancee:

“I’m coming home…With my bride-to-be.” Tyler Blackwell just announced that he and Hadley Sullivan are getting married. And they’ve never even dated! Now she and her boss are in Montana so Tyler can sell his family ranch. Hadley only agreed to continue the deception in exchange for a promotion. But moving up the corporate ladder pales beside her growing feelings for Tyler. Will his past and Blackwell family secrets sabotage what Hadley wants more than anything–a real wedding?

#5 The Rancher’s Homecoming:

Chance Blackwell’s return—

Could cost her everything!

Ten years after he eloped with Katie Montgomery’s sister, Chance Blackwell is back in Montana to sell his family ranch. Katie could lose her job and the only home she’s known. But the loyal cowgirl is keeping a secret that could shatter trust and jeopardize her future with the widowed musician and her toddler niece. Unless Chance’s growing affection for her and all things Blackwell can earn Katie his forgiveness—and his love.

Have you read any books from the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series, or are they on your TBR? Have you read any Heartwarming titles? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR