Happy Friday, all! Today I am super excited to share my review of another book I group read, The Beast’s Heart by Leife Shallcross, now available from Berkley Pub!

My Thoughts:

The Beast’s Heart is a Beauty and the Beast retelling from the Beast’s perspective. Set in seventeenth century France, it’s a magical tale reminiscent of the original. 

The Beast lives a broken, reclusive existence in his grimy chateau filled with unlikely servants. He has been cursed, and this is the life he is dealt. 

A lost and tired traveler arrives at the chateau, and it just so happens he has a beautiful daughter. The Beast wants the daughter, Isabeau, to visit the chateau in hopes that she can help absolve the curse. In a turn of events, Isabeau agrees to live with the Beast for a year in exchange for her father’s freedom. 

However, the Beast and Isabeau falling in love is not the only answer to reversing the curse…

This story takes some time. I think fantastical stories often do. The romance between the Beast and Isabeau is at the heart of this story. That in itself takes time because he has to win her over. 

Overall, I found The Beast’s Heart to be a noteworthy read filled with characters I grew to love, and some I felt like I already knew, with an enchanting, indulgent storyline. 

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own. 


A luxuriously magical retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in seventeenth-century France–and told from the point of view of the Beast himself.

I am neither monster nor man—yet I am both.

I am the Beast.

He is a broken, wild thing, his heart’s nature exposed by his beastly form. Long ago cursed with a wretched existence, the Beast prowls the dusty hallways of his ruined château with only magical, unseen servants to keep him company—until a weary traveler disturbs his isolation.

Bewitched by the man’s dreams of his beautiful daughter, the Beast devises a plan to lure her to the château. There, Isabeau courageously exchanges her father’s life for her own and agrees to remain with the Beast for a year. But even as their time together weaves its own spell, the Beast finds winning Isabeau’s love is only the first impossible step in breaking free from the curse . . .

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