20190212_142254.jpgToday I have a review of of Savage Lies and its prequel short story, Savage, both by Peter Boland and available now!

My Thoughts:

The prequel, Savage, is an important installment and introduction to John Savage, the main character. It adds understanding as to why Savage has become so hard and troubled. 

The synopsis of Savage Lies is rather brief and doesn’t give anything away, so I’m trying not to give anything away apart from that in my review. That’s tough! There’s so much great story here! 

John Savage was a soldier, and he carries some scars from that experience, including lasting effects on his mental health. 

Where Savage makes his mark as a character is in his humor, relatability, and vulnerability. He is complex and gritty, but super intelligent and skilled at his craft. He’s been asked to help find a missing girl, and that’s just another day in the office for Savage. 

Overall, I found Savage Lies to be an entertaining thrill ride! I could see this series made into a movie, and I would love to watch it! If I was a nail biter, my nails would be long gone. Savage Lies is dark, full of mystery and suspense, with a complex main character to champion. 

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.


The most dangerous man in the world is the one with nothing to live for.

John Savage keeps hearing a voice in his head telling him to end it all. It’s surprising he doesn’t hear more voices, considering the hundreds of people he’s killed in the name of democracy. That changes when a girl disappears. The police think she’s the victim of a serial killer, but John has another theory. One that turns out to be far more terrifying…

Savage Lies is a fast-paced action thriller for fans of Lee Child and David Baldacci.

Have you read Savage Lies, or is it on your TBR? Have you read any other books by Peter Boland? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR