20181223_155001.jpgToday I have a review of A Sparrow Falls by Vicki Olsen! This beautiful book is available now!

My Thoughts:

A Sparrow Falls is set in quiet Tolerance, Arkansas in the 1950s. It’s a different time where you can run a line of credit at the local market, and church is part of everyone’s Sunday ritual. 

It’s an innocent time, too, the 50s; quite different from the 1960s that would come later. Tragically, Sarah Jones loses her innocence, and this book is her story. Can she overcome the abuse she experienced to put her spirit back together?

The author warned me this book would have difficult content, and indeed it does. She also told me she did her best to be sensitive with it, and I think she was. 

I loved the writing here. It was simple and spare while easily conveying emotion. The sense of melancholy is pronounced without being overdone. I loved the 60s musical references, too. 

Sarah has a story to tell. Her story. Her coming-of-age and story of healing and hope and triumph. She got under my skin and into my heart, and I’ve been thinking about her long after the last page. 

Trigger warning: this story contains child abuse.

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own. 


Doors were never locked, in Tolerance, Arkansas in the 1950’s. Everyone went to church on Sunday and the corner grocer extended credit, never asking for a credit card. Things were good —the age of innocence in America that laid the foundation for the sexual and Cultural Revolution that was to explode onto the scene in the sixties. But for Sarah Jones, a glimpse into the shadows snatched away her childhood innocence. Her way of dealing with the despicable acts committed against her threatened to destroy who she truly was. Can she find the inner strength to overcome her past? Can she see that letting go of the desire to punish oneself is often the hardest act of forgiveness?
Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains child sexual abuse and disturbing imagery.

Have you read A Sparrow Falls, or is it on your TBR? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR