20190413_170045.jpgToday I have a review of In the Doghouse by Teri Case. I read Case’s  Tiger Drive last year and loved it! I was both thrilled and honored to read her second book, and I can’t wait to tell you about it! I also am giving away a copy to one lucky follower, so please read all the way down to the bottom for a chance to win.

(I know I have a cat in the picture, but a cat is also featured in the book! And right now, I don’t have dogs, but Hemingway is a Bengal and quite dog-like [he plays fetch without ever being taught]…and never lets me take his picture, so this is pretty special! ♥️)

My Thoughts:

In the Doghouse is a refreshing and unexpected story, one featuring a beloved dog as its main character! 

Skip is a rescue dog. He lives with Lucy and John, and he absolutely loves them. One day John leaves Lucy (and Skip) and doesn’t come back. Skip has a secret. He’s to blame for John leaving. 

Skip has to take matters into his own hands and enlists the help of an eclectic group of friends: a cat, a child with Autism, and a neighbor with some baggage. He has to build a new “pack” for Lucy so she can get over her loss and be happy again. 

First off, In the Doghouse isn’t just a silly “dog” book. Lucy’s break-up was authentic, and we’ve all been there. That said, Skip is a witty dog. He is clever and insightful, and it’s just plain fun to hear his inner voice. He had me chuckling quite a few times. 

In the Doghouse is poignant and so thoughtful. It’s a book for dog and animal lovers everywhere. We know our pets can feel our emotions, and Skip most definitely feels for Lucy and wants to help her. The writing is silky smooth, and it’s easy to keep flipping the pages to see what happens next for Lucy and Skip. 

I can easily tell Teri Case has a heart for dogs. Skip is a memorable and heartwarming character. Overall, this is an engaging and original read and one I highly recommend when you want your spirits lifted thanks to a beloved dog.

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own. 


Skip is a rescued dog who wants to matter. He loves living in a blissful pack with his human couple, John and Lucy, and he has bow-vowed never to lose them. But when John walks out after seven happy years, Skip and Lucy’s world is turned upside down. Skip is determined to guide Lucy through her identity crisis, but he’s guarding a secret: he’s to blame for the breakup and her broken heart.

Now, with the help of a hoarder neighbor, a stray cat, and a boy with autism, Skip must build a new pack for himself and Lucy before she discovers his canine treason and kicks him to the curb.

“In the Doghouse is a story of love, loss, guilt, and new beginnings told from the hilarious yet wise perspective of the lovable family dog.”
—Cathey Nickell, Author

“Teri Case has done it again! She’s a gifted storyteller, no matter whose point of view she’s writing from.”
—Kathryn Brown Ramsperger, Author

“Incredible! So fresh, uplifting, bittersweet, heartfelt, and emotionally honest. There’s a list of people in my life who need to read this book for so many reasons.”
—Lizette Clarke, Author Accelerator

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Have you read In the Dog House, or is it on your TBR? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR