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About the Book:

Hannah and Will Abbott define the American dream: two kids, a home in the suburbs, and a seemingly perfect marriage. But discontent lurks beneath the surface of their outwardly happy lives. Each Will and Hannah suspect the other of infidelity. When they independently consult divorce attorneys, the conflict escalates and Hannah flees with the children against a court order. Hannah’s snap decision starts a social media firestorm and, suddenly, the Abbott divorce is big news.

With family stress and legal fees rising, Will and Hannah accept an invitation to appear on a reality television show for divorcing couples. During filming on the beautiful island of St. John, the Abbotts must decide once and for all: can their love survive their past?

The story unfolds through viewpoint of four characters: Will, the affable boy-next-door everyone loves; Hannah, the fastidious wife still in love with her husband; David, the tough-talking attorney with a heart of gold; and Rachel, the insecure novice lawyer infatuated with the Abbotts. Written with both humor and heart, The Language of Divorce is a captivating debut which will stay in readers’ hearts long after the final page.

My Thoughts:

Hannah and Will Abbott are married with two kids and for all appearances have the perfect life. However, they each suspect the other of cheating. They consult attorneys, and things heat up quickly. 

Hannah takes the children and violates a court order. At the same time, social media blows up with news of their divorce. 

In need of cash flow for their very expensive divorce, Will and Hannah agree to appear on a reality TV show. The filming takes place in romantic St. John, and the couple must decide if they can move forward together or split apart. 

There are four perspectives here: Will and Hannah, and each of their lawyers. There’s clever humor to keep some levity. There’s also hope and heart on these pages with drama sprinkled throughout. My feelings about Will and Hannah changed throughout the book, and that speaks to the complexity of their characters.

Overall, even with the drama, the characters and story felt real and emotional, and the messages about marriage and divorce are powerful.

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own. 

About the Author:

Leanne lives in New Jersey with her husband of twenty-five years and their three wonderful children. When Leanne is not cheering her children on in their activities, she can be found running, watching Philadelphia 76ers basketball, and spoiling her two beloved dogs. Favorite locations include the Jersey shore, Martha’s Vineyard, and any place that sells books or coffee, preferably both! A passionate student, Leanne’s dream life would include going back to college and majoring in everything.

Leanne is a graduate of Lafayette College and The Dickinson School of Law. A former attorney, Leanne is now lucky enough to write full-time!

Have you read The Language of Divorce, or is it on your TBR? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR