20190828_093726.jpgToday I have a review of Pretty Guilty Women by Gina LaManna, available on September 3, 2019 from Sourcebooks Landmark. A big thank you to Sourcebooks for my complimentary copy!

Dickens is sniffing a nonalcoholic, cat-friendly beverage. 😂

My Thoughts:

Fun and dramatic! Welcome to the Banks wedding, where someone has been murdered, and four different women confess to individually committing the murder.

Lulu is swimming in ex-husbands, and her current husband is up to no good.

Emily is hitting the drink. She wants to forget everything that’s happened to her.

Kate has more money than she can handle, and she knows how to use it to her advantage.

Ginger’s family is falling apart, and this vacation is supposed to be an escape from it all…but it’s not.

Why are they all confessing to murder? How far would you go for friendship?

The wedding is a reunion for these college friends. The story unfolds with snippets into the past, and the secrets it holds. The wedding is set to take place at a beautiful spa.

Pretty Guilty Women is a quick and consuming read. The detectives interview each woman, and along the way you learn about their pasts. I loved the characters. There was something to like about each one. The ending had a nice twist, and there was tons of drama throughout. This reminded me a bit of a Moriarty book, and I loved that about it.

Overall, Pretty Guilty Women is an indulgent and entertaining read, and the perfect way to wrap-up summer!

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:

Four Women. Four Confessions. One Murder.

Something has gone terribly wrong at the Banks wedding. A man is dead. Four different women rush to offer confessions, each insisting that they committed the crime — alone.

Ginger is holding her family together by a thread, and this wedding weekend is not the fabulous getaway she anticipated.

Kate has enough money to buy her way out of anything. Well, almost anything.

Emily can’t shake her reputation or her memories, and she’s planning to drown this whole vacation in a bottle.

Lulu’s got ex-husbands to spare, and another on the way — as soon as she figures out what the devil the current husband is up to behind her back.

Why would they confess to the same murder? Only they know — and they’re not telling. This page-turning novel explores the depths of friendship and the truths we love to ignore.

Have you read Pretty Guilty Women, or is it on your TBR? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR