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About the Book:

Thirteen-year-old Elisha lives in a village near Shechem in the Land of Canaan in ancient Israel. She wants to be like other girls but is unmarried, speaks to an angel, and composes and sings her own songs—a pursuit her parents disapprove of. When she tells the village women to stand up for themselves, the men are outraged he tribe banishes her.

After journeying alone through the desert, escaping bandits, wild animals, and men who would sell her as a servant, Elisha makes it to Jerusalem, where the angel guides her to study with Abraham and Sarah. She learns much including reading and writing, and Abraham even gives her Doron, his servant, to accompany her as she sings her songs throughout the country. Doron becomes her lover and her songs are well accepted—until she sings one about equality for women.

Mountain of Full Moons explores how we overcome our fears, go out into the world, and gain the courage to speak up and be whom we choose to be.

My Thoughts:

Elisha lives in a small village in the Land of Canaan, ancient Israel. She’s thirteen who loves to sing and write songs, though her parents do not approve. Elisha speaks up and tells the other women in the village to do the same. As a result, she is banished by her tribe.

On a harrowing journey alone to Jerusalem, Elisha studies with Abraham and Sarah. She is finally educated in reading and writing. She is ten sent around the country as a traveling singer.

Elisha is loved for her singing until she once again speaks up about the rights of women.

The time period made for such a different sort of read in a good way. The theme of this story has no time stamp: being true to oneself. Elisha is a strong, admirable character living in a time where most women did not speak out.

I thoroughly enjoyed Elisha’s journey.

I received a gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

About the Author:

Born in New York City, Irene Kessler is a Jill of many trades. As a single mother of three, she was the Polaroid Camera Girl, sold jewelry, and held makeup parties to supplement her alimony. She moved on to sing minor roles at New York City Opera, the Metropolitan Opera, and the Teatro Principal in Barcelona, Spain. Irene received her master’s degree in psychology, moved to Florida, and became an eating disorder specialist at Glenbeigh Hospital. She completed her PhD in 1997 and went on to work at the Radar Institute and Renfrew Center. She was in private practice for over thirty years, during which time she also joined a local quartet that performed opera, operetta, and Broadway tunes at venues in Broward and Palm Beach counties. She was inspired to begin writing after attending a presentation by writer and teacher Joyce Sweeney.

Have you read Mountain of Full Moons, or is it on your TBR? Happy Reading! ~ Jennifer THR